ACHPS Gateway Processing Engine

Our ACH Gateway Processing engine can be used in a variety of environments and serves a diverse array of modern business needs.  Spanning several business sectors, the engine is useful in the following environments:

  • RETAIL - ACHPS offers Electronic Check Conversion, with or without Check Guarantee, via today's popular Point of Sale terminals.
  • CORPORATE - ACH is a highly effective tool for Payroll Direct Deposit, Corporate Cash Disbursements, and Corporate Cash Concentration Management
  • SERVICE - ACH makes fee collection a snap for one-time payments, recurring billing, and even non-level payments

Submission method capabilities for our ACH Gateway processing engine include:

Secure Web Based Gateway Submission via
Single Item Entry Console (Single Items or Recurring Debits)
Batch Uploads
Consumer Webcheck Interface for Online Purchasing of Direct Pay after Statement Review, recurring billing, and more
  Server to Server via XML integration and Web Services
PC - x.25 ASYNC
Point of Sale (ECC) terminals
Subscriber Mid-Range LU 62
Subscriber Host - x.25 ASYNC 3270/BSC
Integrated imaging devices via TCP/IP
Customized Specifications based on client needs

Our ACH Gateway is highly flexible, extensible, and versatile, in order to design a program that works specifically for the customer's needs.  ACH Payment Solutions will work with you to optimize cash flow while reducing labor and give you the controls you need to flourish in today's business environment.

Currently, many businesses offer online credit card payments for Current Bill Payment, by adding e-Debit as an additional option;  the business will optimize cash flow and reduce processing costs.  According to current NACHA (The Electronic Payments Association) statistics, Web initiated electronic check payments grew 47% from 2004 to 2005.  Clearly, consumer acceptance of this payment method is on the rise.



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